Bonjour! I'm Andi Fisher.

Frenchie Friday - June 7, 2024

Published 9 days ago • 2 min read

Frenchie Friday - June 7, 2024

Did anyone watch any of the D-Day ceremony from Normandy yesterday? I did. And I could not help being moved by what I saw and heard. The Normandy American Cemetery is so beautiful on a regular day, but to see it full of veterans who were there is just amazing!

My friend Kristin survived her rain-soaked 10-day trip to Paris (and Lyon). She was there for the French Open and did a fantastic write-up of her experience. If you ever consider attending the Roland Garros tennis tournament, you need this resource!

Resources for Paris in June

Links I Love...

Links to interesting stories found around the interwebs during the past week. If you find something about Paris, France, or French lifestyle and culture that you think I should share, reply to this email and let me know!


Paris Olympics:


French Culture, Lifestyle, Beauty & Decor:

Other Good Reads:

MORE New Francophile Books for Summer Reading

These new books are out just in time to make it to your summer reading list!

Oh la la! J'adore!

Parisian-inspired glassware from Quince!

There are lots of new HOME items from Quince that came out this week and I immediately grabbed these gorgeous blue tumblers both the tall and short when I got their email yesterday.

They are limited supply so grab them if you want them.

Pour Le Weekend...

We are headed to Charlotte for a weekend at the Kimpton Tryon Hotel, a little staycation before we head back out to Europe next weekend.

How about you?

Bon Weekend!

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Bonjour! I'm Andi Fisher.

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