Frenchie Friday - June 14, 2024

Frenchie Friday - June 14, 2024

We had an AMAZING weekend in Charlotte! It was nice to go away without a plan, something we don't do a lot! Lesson learned, sometimes winging is fun too!

France elections woo-wie! My gal pal, author Lindsey Tramuta has a great series of articles that she uses to detail French cultural and political happenings. She does a really good job of explaining the recent French elections. Also, another good article from Le Monde: Snap elections in France: How it works, precedents, and consequences.

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Links to interesting stories found around the interwebs during the past week. If you find something about Paris, France, or French lifestyle and culture that you think I should share, reply to this email and let me know!




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HUGE News!

Insider Sale from Quince!

Quince doesn't do sales outside of Black Friday, so I was EXCITED to learn from the partner team and an Insider email that there is one coming on TUESDAY!

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Get ready for the SUMMER

Dive into summer travel with the sleek and stylish Level8 Freeloop Carry-On and SPARTER Portable Soft Cooler. They are the perfect companions for any summer adventure.

I took these with me over the weekend and LOVED them!

Word Scramble

Unscramble the Parisian-themed words below!






Pour Le Weekend...

We are headed to Europe for 2 weeks.

How about you?

Bon Weekend!

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Paris Panoramic view from the Panthéon

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